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Design & Art direction, concept developmenT & websites


Get the most out of creative ideas by making them visible at an early stage, with the use of mood boards, logo comparisons, website grids, images and language of magazine concepts, different flyers, branding examples, banner models and other tryouts.



As a graphic designer/art director, I have extensive experience with the creation of corporate design/branding, brochures, logo development, advertorials, etc...
Retail communication and corporate identity are among my key fields. I am familiar with all the various production procedures.



Consulting is a specialized skill. With pleasure, I guide and supervise the introduction of a new corporate identity or streamline the marriage of web communication with existing corporate design. And I gladly offer advice to retailers in regards to their formula and marketing communication.


For example:  Project De Lieberg

Briefing: A hospitality organization in Het Gooi asks me to create a presentation that makes the concept for a care hotel tangible.
Execution: I designed three large format concept brochures that have been presented to local government, the municipality of Hilversum.

For example:  Project Coffee

Briefing: give ideas for a layered identity of a new concept coffee shop in Amsterdam.
Execution: I created a concept design, consisting of mood boards showing different skins that give the coffee franchise a higher, more creative profile.

For example:  Project retail promotion

Briefing: design a mailing to promote the new collection of a fashion retailer in Haarlem.
Execution: I created an exuberant fold-out flyer that directly conveys the added emotional value of the A-brands.

For example:  Project school communication

Briefing: design different school guides that emphasize the feel & look of the specific schools. Follow up e.g. for Open Days.
Execution: I have designed a style, tailor made in terms of imagery and layout to the level and character of these schools.

For example:  Project monitoring identity website

Briefing: please advise how the design grid of a website can be better geared towards the specific briefing from the client.
Execution: with the use of varies examples, I brought out the essence of the actual briefing of the client.

For example:  Project implementing new visual identity

Briefing: supervise the necessary proceedings for the successful introduction of a new corporate identity.
Execution: Besides the design, I guided the internal departments towards a comprehensive, successful implementation of the new image. .

  • Zoetelief WSale directmail
  • DSBOK visual identity
  • CMG Design items/web
  • SDU webdesign "Trouwboekjes"
  • ERLY Baarn support
  • LePitre visual identity
  • Training TÜV Köln "Dataprotectionprofessional"
  • Brochures/flyers
  • visual identity
  • Corporate identity
  • web design
  • retail communication
  • project coordination


TEL: (0)35 - 526 8778